Why nubie.com?

  • Join with other rural entrepreneurs. You are not alone
  • Nubie.com makes the complex simple for all business types
  • Cloud based, proven 9 steps process, face to face mentoring solutions
  • Help to commercialise your business idea. Community focused

Top Notch Support

  • 24/7 accesss
  • Are you an early stage startup?
  • Do you want a hassle free process?
  • A one stop shop for any startup
  • Help is a click away

Benefits at a Glance

  • Using nubie.com accelerates getting your business up and running
  • Access to face to face mentoring in tandem with our online offering
  • Free, accessible, easy to navigate, easy to understand, nothing to loose

Welcome to nubie.com – The ultimate cloud based start-up portal

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Lets get ready

Starting a rural venture is challenging and you need to look at the reasons why many early startups fail, so that you can avoid the same mistakes.

Common Pitfalls!!

Crisp execution is vital to the success of new businesses. It stands to reason, therefore, that poor execution is a common pitfall of many startups.

Low Start up Costs

One of the enormous benefits of starting up your own business is that in many cases you can do so on a shoestring, considerably reducing any financial risk .

Nubie - start your business with our help

Why Nubie?

Cloud based

Nubie.com is a cloud based system – No software downloads or installations required.

9 Steps to Success

Significantly increase your chances of success and you speed up the process of starting your business

Fantastic Value

Free unlimited access, support, accessible, easy to navigate, easy to understand!


Fastest way to start your business. Mentoring resource that saves you money.

Client Testimonials

  • Silicon Republic

    One year after first launching its service, nubie.com has relaunched with a new, nine-step process assisting would-be entrepreneurs in getting businesses up and running. Source: Silicon Republic

    —Silicon Republic
  • The Irish Times

    Nubie.com allows people to work on their start-up at night and on weekends, when traditional supports are not available. Source: www.irishtimes.com

    —The Irish Times

Cloud Based

Nubie - Cloud based software
Nubie.com is a cloud based system – effectively it means all your information and the service that we provide is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device all you need to remember is your login details and you can access the system anywhere in the world. No software downloads or installations required. It makes life easy for people with an idea and leading fast paced lives.