About Nubie

About NubieBack in 2008, two Irish brothers-in-law became very frustrated when starting their software company Mayday Corporation Limited. Again and again, they found it difficult and very time-consuming to find relevant and accurate information which they needed in order to get their company up and running.

One Friday evening, whilst venting about the confusing and misleading information they were finding online, an idea started to grow. Before they could say ‘lightbulb’ the concept for nubie.com had been born. It’s simple - a single place to find everything you need to start a business. Information, advice, tools to help you, industry professionals to guide you and a place to chat to like-minded people. One place where you can do it all, explained simply yet concisely.

Why Nubie?

The hassle and stress free method to get your business idea started and on the road to success

Registering with nubie.com gives you instant access to our cloud free of charge. You will see that we provide cloud-based software for business start-ups. This software guides you towards setting up your business quickly and effectively, by separating the tasks into nine easy to follow steps – think of it as online mentoring! By the time you finish Step 9, your business will be up and running! You can complete Step 1 without any charge


Our Vision

‘To help everyone who wishes to create their own employment, do so, in a quick, easy, accurate, affordable and rewarding way. To create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and to nurture and promote enterprise in Ireland and around the world.’


Our Credentials

So, what makes us aficionados of new business? Well, aside from a lot of research and high IQ’s (*?!*), below you can meet the team and find out a little bit about our backgrounds:

The Team

Loughlin Nestor

Loughlin’s background is in investment and finance. He has extensive experience in fund raising, property development and has worked with some of the big boys. Now, his focus is on developing nubie from the user’s perspective. So if there are any areas you’d like to see improved, contact Loughlin! You can also blame him for the dolphin, who by the way, is meant to represent ‘a guide bringing start ups safely through choppy waters’!
Contact Loughlin: loughlin.nestor@nubie.com

Bryan Clarke

Bryan develops all our software. He has extensive experience in his field and used to work developing radar systems and other cool things like that. He has also taught in this field and it was his decision to put nubie on the cloud. Note: Cloud computing (for those who aren’t aware), allows users to access a website from any internet connection and view their saved data. You don’t need to have a server in your office – everything is securely stored on the cloud (a giant server like one that Microsoft or Amazon have). Many would consider cloud based systems to be the next generation of web based services.
Contact Bryan: bryan.clarke@nubie.com

Debbie O’Brien

Debbie is in charge of our web design and online services. She started designing websites back in the day when flashing blue links were cool. She continued studying and moved in to the flash field when flash was the in thing. Since then she has completed many courses including programming certificates at the O’Reilly School of Technology, and has studied everything from css, html, xml, javascript, ajax, php, mysql, WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Flash, Photoshop… She now specialises in WordPress – a free and open source blogging tool and content management system, as well as SEO – search engine optimization, and Social Media, Facebook, Twitter etc. Talk to Debbie about anything to do with promoting your business online.
Contact Debbie: debbie@nubie.com