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Business and Financial Planning

You have the business Idea, the belief, the enthusiasm and the drive but how do you plan, finance and record your business? Steps 4 and 5 are quite daunting for so many entrepreneurs when starting up a new business, especially if they are not from a financial background.


This is where we come in.

We at Nubie provide a consulting and professional service with a specific slant towards start-up or new business companies. We can advise and assist you in the following areas:

  • Advice on the most appropriate corporate structure – company, partnership or sole trader
  • Preparation of your Business Plan
  • Obtaining Grant Funding
  • Identifying Fundraising Avenues
  • Help you set up a suitable Accounting Process for your business and training you in its use
  • Alternatively, we can provide a full Accounting Service to your business with a flexibility needed for a growing enterprise
  • Provision of Payroll Services
  • Advice on the preparation of Employee Manuals and Health and Safety policies
  • Preparation of VAT & PAYE monthly, quarterly and yearly returns

All your needs can be tailored to a specific package for you depending on your business requirements.