Ready to start a business?

Now’s your moment!


You’re excited about getting through the maze to start a business and want to get going, but

•  worry about the risk of starting a business;
•  struggle with priorities of starting a business;
•  question the need for a business plan to start a business;
•  doubt you can raise enough money to start a business;
•  are doubtful about when to start your business for real.

You need to know that the sooner you start a business, the sooner revenue will flow. And the sooner the revenue is flowing, the sooner the business will finance itself.

When you actually start a business and get into the marketplace, you’ll learn fast. Your customers will demand you improve. You’ll soon figure out what works and what doesn’t. Beware trying to perfect everything before you start–or your idea will remain just a figment of your imagination.

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The Startup Owl is written by veteran entrepreneur, William Keyser, Managing Director of Venture Founders LLC. The focus is mainly on Business Strategy, Startup and Sustainability, but veers off into all kinds of related entrepreneurial, leadership and managerial topics.

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