The 9 Steps to Success

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Registering with gives you instant access to our software free of charge. You will see that we provide cloud-based software for business start ups. This software guides you towards setting up your business quickly and effectively, by separating the tasks into nine easy to follow steps – think of it as online mentoring! By the time you finish Step 9, your business will be up and running!

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Step 1 – Getting ready to start!

looks at the typical characteristics of an entrepreneur and some key information on why businesses succeed. You’ll get down to the practical side of things and determine what business skills you possess by completing the self assessment in the Are You Ready App. And finally we’ll ask you to build your roadmap – these are the tasks specific to your business and industry alone.

Step 2 – Idea Surgery

focuses on your idea. We know you are really excited and you can’t wait to get going but it is imperative to fully investigate your idea in minute detail before you decide to invest any money into your business. You must determine if there is a need for your business – in other words, is there a gap in the market? This step will help you get a better understanding of the viability of your idea and how it will translate into a business.

Step 3 – Market Research

guides you through the complex area of market research. You will determine who your addressable market is – in other words, who will buy your product or service? Our Market Research App will help you in completing many of the tasks in this step by speeding up and simplifying the process for you. By the time Step 3 is completed you’ll know if you’re ready to go ahead with your idea, fine-tune it or take it back to the drawing board.

Step 4 – Business Planning

over the course of this step, you will make significant progress on planning your business. You will use the Business Planning App and by the time you complete Step 4, you will have the first draft of your business plan almost finished.

Step 5 – Financial Planning

focuses on finance. Finance as a whole, can be very confusing, especially if you are not mathematically minded! When you have completed this step you will have two major financial documents for your business. One is the financial snapshot – this is a summary of the top line figures for your business. The second is your company’s balance sheet – this shows details of your finances on a month by month basis – costs, revenue, cashflow etc.

Step 6 – Setting Up

concentrates on some practical tasks such as deciding what type of company you will have, your business name and creating your logo. When you have completed this step you will have formed your company and bought your web domain name, so you will officially be in business!

Step 7 – Essential tasks

is all about making the leap from thinking about your idea to actually working in your business. You need to cover off lots of essential tasks in this step, everything from your insurance to setting up a merchant account.

Step 8 – Making Money

focuses on how to make money! We bring you through all things sales and marketing so that you can maximise all of the hard work you have done to date and actually start making money! We even give you some easy to use tools to help you launch your business.

Step 9 – Begin Trading

is where it all starts – this is where you will begin to trade! You will need to focus on industry specific tasks here and start looking to the future. How will you manage your company? How will you help it to grow?